Erika Jordan vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless boxing Match

DT-1489-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 502 MB


Beautiful boxing babes battle for your pleasure and some pleasure it is because we have two of the best: the German champ, Erika Jordan vs the USA champ, Christina Carter.  Now Christina is the heavy weight champ but the lighter Erika thinks her speed will outperform Christina’s power, the beginning belies her presumption as our big bomber smacks the firm body of Erika around the ring knocking her down for the count but not out.  We so love those breaks between rounds as that lucky sponge gets to glide over their soft breasts and we get to watch as the water soaks their chests with droplets falling over their erect nipples.  More rounds of pounding as breasts get battered in corners, they  bounce to the rhythm of fists, then the guts get pounded till they can hardly breathe and finally many big blows to the head that take each babe to the canvas.  Some of the best fisticuffs we have seen in a long time and each babe takes her turn, both giving and receiving punishment.  So will power beat speed, will voluptuous Christina beat the lean fast German beauty?  Only one babe wins and worse the winner makes the loser worship her with… well you’ll see — because the real winner is the one getting to watch this great boxing bout…. YOU !!!!!!