Erika Jordan vs. Sarah Brooke


DT-1492-01/ Time: 21 Minutes / 490 MB

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Erika Jordan is one of those pretty girls that are popular, mean and a little bit prissy. She has been talking shit behind Sarah Brooke’s back. Her and all the other DT girls make fun of Sarah. Sarah is a tough red head. When she hears about Erika’s antics, she confronts her in the DT dressing room. Erika laughs at Sarah’s hurt feelings. Sarah demands that Erika get in the ring. She grabs Erika and squeezes her in an epic bear hug. She lifts Erika’s dainty feet of the mat. Sarah is very strong. She squeezes Erika with one hand while she uses the other to remove Erika’s top. The time under pressure eats away at Erika. It isn’t that long before she is completely passed out and limp in Sarah’s strong arms. Sarah walks around the ring with her unconscious play thing. Sarah drops Erika to the mat. Ms. Brooke isn’t done toying with her victim yet though. She twists Erika’s nipple until she comes out of her sleep with a blood curdling scream. Sarah removes Erika’s black panties. The once proud and vain Erika is now humiliated and tortured in front of the DT camera. Sarah shows off her immense power by repeatedly picking up and bear hugging Erika’s hot naked body. Sarah gets bored and decides to remove her own clothes so that she can enjoy more skin to skin contact when she bear hugs and squeezes Erika. You will fall in love with this one sided cat fight and the completely nude hotties that are giving and taking pain for your pleasure.