Capri Cavanni vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Catfight Match

DT-1496-01/ Time: 20 Minutes / 479 MB


Ok, you wanted these two together, yes so many asked when will we get Capri Cavanni and Erika Jordan in the ring together.  Well here they are, these two super babes and the truth is Erika also wanted this match up, she wanted to get her arms around that amazing body and squeeze – she does this while Capri has her back turned in the beginning.  Erika wraps both arms and legs around her feminine catch, then pulls Capri’s top off so she can go after those amazing tits, the erect nipples are pulled and tweaked.  This is just the beginning of Erika’s domination and she so loves it, she loves smacking those tits and belly, she loves pressing her fabulous body on Capri’s in a grapevine or a cross body pin and then there’s that full stretched Boston crab that when she’s done she can watch that beautiful body crawl away.  Oh Capri has her turn, short though it may be – Capri gets to pound on Erika’s firmness as she bounces blows off her rippled gut, then off her perky breasts.  But soon Erika is back in charge, and that shot where we are down on the mat looking past Capri’s face with Erika’s legs wrapped around her neck and into Erika’s strained body as she squeezes the life out of her victim, now that’s a view you won’t forget.  Erika has so many more holds of pain that she relishes applying on Capri’s killer body – and we so relish watching this dominance !!!!!!