Cali Caliente vs. Tia Kai

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestle/Catfight Match

DT-1492-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 464 MB

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Our ladies are just fun, I mean we are so blessed with so many women who are not only beautiful but FUN.  You watch them and so enjoy their antics, oh they can get quite brutal but they do it with the joy of sport.  Tia Kai and Cali Caliente are two such wild fun babes, the appealing Asian vs the black beauty and they manage to pack everything in this one, from the start Cali takes Kia down and pounds her breasts then rolls her over to spank her ass.  Kia gets away and applies a choke so wild it shakes Cali’s top off but Cali doesn’t mind she loves being topless and besides she knows it will soon be her turn and she will have her way with Kia’s sweet breasts.  We get so many great views, up close as they battle on the ground, we feel like we are right in there with them as they roll in so many erotic ways, one on top face up, riding like a pony, spanking asses, pinching tits, corner slugging, and so much more that you will sooooo enjoy.  This is wild fun with so many extreme erotic positions as these two beauties roll into your hearts — I guarantee, It’s FUN in so many ways !!!!!!