Hollywood vs. Sarah Brooke


DT-1494-01/ Time: 22 Minutes / 558 MB

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Hollywood and Sarah Brooke are stretching in their corners. The bell rings and they meet with a test of strength. Sarah is young and taking this fight very seriously. Hollywood is a legend in the business and seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Sarah is flexing her whole body for this test of strength. Hollywood sends a sharp kick to Sarah’s crotch and takes control of the match. She puts Sarah through a number of creative chokes. She plants multiple stomps directly into Sarah’s defenseless crotch. Sarah yells out in agony, while Hollywood muffles a yawn with the back of her hand. This young girl is proving to be a walk in the park for Hollywood. Hollywood wears tight booty shorts and a striped black and white sports bra that can barely keep her ample breasts contained. Sara wears a black thong and a burgundy sports bra. Hollywood is in complete control of this fight. She picks up Sarah and drags her around the ring. If she wants to put her in the turnbuckle and soften her up with some blows, she does. If she wants to put Sarah on her knees and apply a standing head scissors, she does. It doesn’t take long before Sarah is in a daze. She lets Hollywood do whatever she wants to her. Sarah’s only resistance is to moan and cry out for help, which will never come. Hollywood tortures this foolishly optimistic young girl for the entirety of the match. If this kind of sadistic control and destruction is what you’re looking for, then boy do we have great bikini video for you.