Megan Jones vs. Milana Ricci


DT-1505HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 481 MB

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Megan Jones is a buxom brunette wearing a black bikini. She looks across the ring and laughs at the waif of a girl she is about to fight. Milana Ricci is very petite and her neon pink bikini does a great job of showing off her adorable body. However, Milina doesn’t seem scared of Megan. She says to the camera, “I may be small, but I’m going to beat her up.” Megan isn’t worried at all. She has her back turned to Milana while she stretches her hamstrings. Milana attacks Megan from behind with an upper cut to her crotch. Megan crumbles to the mat as Milana continues to strike her with hammer fists. Milana uses her thin legs to put Megan in a figure four head lock. Megan has had enough of Milana’s tricks. She knocks her tiny opponent to the floor and delivers heavy stomps to Milana’s crotch. With ease, she picks up Milana and swings her into the turnbuckle. Milana collapses to the mat where she is put through a variety of painful holds. Megan has big powerful thighs. She wraps them around Milana’s midsection and squeezes her bird boned victim until it looks like her guts are about to come out of her mouth. Milana’s mouth is open as she tries to scream, but the pressure on her stomach keeps her from inhaling any air to scream with. Megan mounts Milana and puts her massive tits in Milana’s face to suffocate her. Milana has a quick start, but the rest of this match features a big and beautiful Megan Jones beating the snot out of poor little Milana.