Erika Jordan POV


DT-1508HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 488 MB

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How sexy can Erika Jordan be, only one way to find out: get in there with her.  That’s exactly what we have for you with this incredible POV video, you will be in with this amazing babe.  Erika talks so sexy, so dirty as she tells about what she did to you last night and what she is about to do to you, she poses and struts her amazing body around you, over you, almost through you.  Clad is her short shorts and leather boots that squeak with each of her sexy squats.  Erika can be sooooo hot as she throws her wavy long hair from side to side, she looks you in the eye then licks her flexed biceps.  She wants to get even hotter and some hard blows are what she needs, she pounds you in the gut till you go down to your knees then a hit to the head has you on the ground, but it’s all worth it as that view of her incredible body from below is…. well it gets even better as she drops that sweet ass in your face.  The blows come harder and faster but you don’t care because it causes her to sweat, and now you get to be close to that glistening body while she talks sexy to you.  Her top is off now and you don’t know if you can take any more of this but you have so much more coming.  How sexy is Erika Jordan, only one way to find out… IF YOU CAN TAKE IT !!!!!!!