Sarah Brooke vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1514HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 550 MB

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They pace in their short skirts and heels, Sarah Brooke and Erika Jordan — they are waiting for big guy to tell them who has won.  This is like the show, The Apprentice and these two ladies have made it to the final duo.  They are brought in and the big guy tells them who won but lets them argue their sides, which leads to some wild recriminations, so angry they can’t control themselves — they rage into each other.  Bouncing off the walls they rip their tops off, revealing their sexy chests, pulling hair they drag each other to the couch where skirts ride high about their sexy thighs.  These are wild women and getting them to stop is a real task but finally they are forced to sit down.  They try to talk it out but these women are just too angry and again they lunge into each other and this time the claws are out.  One throws the other on the long table and proceeds to pound on her as we get some incredible views, eventually the other babe is on the table as breasts are forced in her face and skinny thongs are forced up crotches and butts.  Finally, finally… they are forced to settle down again, they are bloody and scratched but sitting and seething.  Should be good now, when the big guy tells them one more big secret and this secret is enough to send them into another wild rage.  Raging beauties, they are as gorgeous as they are tough, you will enjoy !!!!!!