Erika Jordan vs. Cherie Deville

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1525HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 499 MB

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Erika Jordan and Cherie Deville, these two have been so popular together because they just can’t help but fight, no matter where or when, they will go at it and all the way.  Makes it even worse that they work at the same company, today they run into each other in the office break room before the Halloween party and before all the guests arrive.  They just can’t resist making fun of each others costumes, they also can’t resist taking it too far, soon the nasty talk turns into nasty action — we have a fight.  So great to see them fight in this room as they use the table, we soon have a naked Cherie on the table where Erika attacks all of her wonderful body, that beautiful butt bounces on that lucky wood.  Then it’s Erika’s turn on the wrong end of demolition as Cherie throws her in the next room where the couches are, now both babes are naked and really getting into it as they employ every catfight tactic they have: biting butts, boobs and finally pussies – gouging breasts and pinching nipples.  And when it comes to hair pulling, well this is more like hair throwing because these two always: TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT.  Tremendous figures that are such a joy to watch romp about as they strain and flex in their quest to show who should stay at Buck’s company – yes this is another Buck fight and we love how those babes fight for Buck…. So get ready because they take it all off, to put it all on – for YOU !!!!!!