Liz Ashley vs. Idelsy Love


DT-1522HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 555 MB


Liz Ashley is a sexy blonde wearing black thigh high stockings, high heels, black panties and a garter belt. Her perky pink tits are out and she’s posing for the camera. She wants to get the coveted cover spot on Fighting Girls Magazine. The camera man asks Liz about her last fight and how good it felt to defeat Idelsy Love. Liz laughs and gossips about how easy it was to crush Ms. Love. Liz’s little interview is interrupted by a pissed off Idelsy Love. She is standing in the ring wearing the exact same outfit Liz is. Idelsy is planning on beating up Liz and taking the cover spot for herself. The women run at each other and clash in the center of the ring. Liz knocks Idelsy to the mat and kneels on her. She grabs Idelsy’s tiny panties and starts yanking on them like she’s trying to rip Idelsy in two. Liz peels off all of Idelsy’s clothes until she is completely nude. This sends Idelsy into a rage. She turns the tables on Liz and gives her a ferocious wedgy. Idelsy returns the favor and removes all of Liz’s clothes. This is a hot match between two completely nude vixens. Buckle up because this is one exhilarating ride.