Sarah Brooke vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Nylon Catfight

DT-1553HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 588 MB


Another of those classic nylon on nylon catfights and we are blessed with two hot pros: Sarah Brooke and Karlie Montana.  Both call each other nasty bitches and both threatening to make this one hell of a nasty sexy nylon catfight, and these two can bring it.  They dig their claws deep into red hair as they jerk and pull their auburn locks, they stumble about in their heels as their tight skirts bulge from flexing butt cheeks — oh we know we are in for some wild fun now.  Immeshed they fall to the couch, still pulling hair with their muscular legs intertwined they roll from one end of couch to the other as we are treated to fabulous views or their anguished faces and interlaced legs.  To the floor they roll and roll as their braided legs meld together.  The tops are ripped off so they can access their vulnerable chest flesh – oh do they dig their red claws deep into soft flesh, such great views of that quivering flesh, so hard to take our eyes off until we see their skirts ridding high on their hips showing off those sweet nylon clad asses.  So much to see, so fast the action – to their knees where from above we see them still ripping breasts, red hair flying, red nails digging — soooo beautiful.  This is becoming a classic, I mean when do we get two red heads together.  It ends so perfect, both skirts riding around waists and one sweet natural breast smothering a beautiful face.  Such great action, such great beauty and we see it all up close and personal.  Wild and sexy — THE REDS GET US FED — ENJOY !!!!!!