Capri Cavanni vs. Karlie Montana


DT-1556HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 498 MB


Capri Cavanni and Karlie Montana are squaring off against each other today. They slowly remove their robes to reveal their pristine young bodies. Capri and Karlie drop the robes on the mat, leaving them wearing nothing but lace thong underwear. Both women have big perky tits and plump asses. Capri attacks first and puts Karlie in a bulldog choke. Karlie moans and cries like a little girl. She only escapes by landing a brutal kidney punch on Capri. The beautiful ladies circle each other. Karlie puts Capri in a bear hug. She squeezes Capri’s guts, pushing her tits up even higher and perkier. Capri manages to grunt out, “nice toes you have,” just before heel stomping hard on Karlie’s delicate foot. Karlie yelps and immediately releases the hold. Karlie is so infuriated that she kicks it into a whole new gear and takes complete control of the match. She squeezes and bends poor Capri in a multitude of excruciating holds. By the end of the match, Capri is begging for mercy from a laughing Karlie Montana. If you are interested in watching two of the hottest girls at DT going at it in a classic steamy catfight, then you must watch this one!