Erika Jordan vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Breast Catfight Match

DT-1569HD/ Time: 29 Minutes / 690 MB


Yes ok, here it is, the second part from 1544 – that one was so great no one could believe it could go on, but it goes on with almost 30 minutes of incredible battering – and that battering is mostly of beautiful breasts. They start out rubbing their sore chests but then go right back to bashing them together, and I mean pounding, they even hold their own to prop them up so the missiles can strike with more effect. So sexy as they rub their protruding tits across each other and nipples strike making them erect and hard. They fall to the floor from pain and fatigue but get up for more breast ramming, how do they do it? From breasts to butts and this is one of the great butt battles, on all fours they back into each other and two of the most beautiful asses come cheek to cheek. That overhead view as those cracks merge is so great, so gorgeous and then they smack together for a relentless battle. They add a long bearhug that turns into lots of cat-balling, from side to side as breast to breast they roll and roll. They wrap up the fighting with a great catfight where they throw each other around the room and end this fabulous battle with lots of sexy posing – after all that fighting they still look fabulous and I do mean FABULOUS !!!!!!