Skylar Rene vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Gut Slugging Match

DT-1564HD/ Time: 29 Minutes / 486 MB


Beautiful battered bellies, that’s what we get when the hits just keep on coming’. Skylar Rene and Erika Jordan are showing off their amazing guts in the ring, and you will have to admit they have never looked better, both ladies have firm six packs that they have been grooming just for this match – because this is a belly punching challenge. That’s right which lady can take the most gut abuse. They take turns smashing their fists into feminine flesh, hard blows that shake their whole bodies causing their bare breasts to shake and giggle with each blow and we are privileged to view from so many great angles; from under as we look up through their guts and into their anguished faces as each blow throws them backwards, close up as we see their supple skin fold and wrinkle as it conforms to the knuckles going deep, from the side, from behind and on the ground when they go down — yes you are there for every body smashing blow and can these beautiful babes deliver. Draped over the ropes were my favorites as spayed and hanging the blows seemed so much more devastating. These babes take it to the limit, till they can neither deliver nor take more – barley able to move but still they muster the energy to deliver more punishment. Now gut punches may not be your cup of tea but if they are you will have to have this one and if you have ever wondered why they’re so popular this would be a good one to show you why – because the hits just keep on comin’ !!!!!!