Cassie Del Isla vs Alex Coal

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight Wedgie Match

DT-1590HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 615 MB

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Cassie, Cassie, Cassie – we do love this new Cassie Del Isla, she is gorgeous and so physical, and that accent doesn’t hurt either. This week Cassie is also coming out in a Femfightersxcess.com match – everyone loves her and why not – so get ready because we will be lucky enough to see much more of her in the near future. Now to make this match even more attractive, she is taking on a knock out newbie: Alex Coal, a super sexy brunette that you will want to see a lot more of. They start out topless with short school girl skirts and both are eager to start as they both love action and they both are attracted to female flesh. Alex’s smile will captivate and Cassie’s accent will stimulate and when they grab each other and lean against the ropes with their heels on while they pinch pussies – it’s a thing of beauty. To the mat they go and Cassie is on top as she wedgies Alex, pulling that bottom up between her pussy lips splitting them in a beautiful pose, then pulling the cloth up between her ass cheeks, showing off that fabulous ass — let me tell you both these ladies have incredible backsides — they are both beautiful coming and going! Then Cassie goes after Alex’s natural chest tweaking those nipples before she rolls her face up so she can again wedgie that vulnerable pussy. Soon Alex is going after Cassie, when she plants that robust ass on Cassie she is really in control and oh does this beauty love to take control – Cassie’s breasts and pussy get worked over till she can take no more, yes this is a multi fall match and each lady gets her due as it is a back and forth match. Eventually they are in panties, then naked but always they are pinching pussies and nipples. Two gorgeous new beauties that you have to see — trust me – these two will not disappoint !!!!!!