Karlie Montana vs. Erika Jordan


DT-1595HD/Time: 29 Minutes / 692 MB


Time for some real smack down boxing, for some hits that you can almost feel and for this we have two of our best: Erika Jordan and Karlie Montana, both decked out in boxing shorts, tight tops and boxing shoes. Let me tell you from the top that two cameras were used so you won’t miss anything and get the full impact of the hits, the cameras snap back and forth as our editors strive to get you the best shot. Erika starts out with a bizarre crouched stance that proves to be quite effective, she catches Karlie with multiple head shots but eventually Karlie gets her bearings and rattles Erika’s pretty face with some head snapping blows. Both babes deserve their time on the stools as they get their drinks, chests sponged and waist elastic pulled for breathing. Mouth pieces back in and the ladies are ready to fight, a back and forth battle ensuing with both babes taking and giving savage blows and each realizes that sometimes the best strategy is a clinch and she holds on for dear life till she can clear her head. Multiple rounds of boob shaking body blows, and head snapping strikes but still no one has gone down, then Erika gets caught in the corner and oh does she take some body blows, shots that throw her sweat across the ring – down she goes, she is so glad for that bell and that wet sponge never felt so good on her sore body. These two give their all in this fabulous bout, and it is so close with amazing comebacks. We really needed both cameras for this one – so get ready for a real smack down boxing bout with some battering boxing babes !!!!!!