Erika Jordon vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Match

DT-1708HD/Time: 19 Minutes / 466 MB

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In the dressing room after a match, Erika Jordon and Serene Siren are cleaning up all their fake blood but it seems this match wasn’t fake enough as we hear about all the bruises they inflicted on each other. Maybe we should have a real fight bitch — let’s do it, they drag each other to the ring and once there Erika surprises Serene with a hard crack to the jaw and while she has her off balance she does some wild high kicks that have the blonde down but not for long as she comes back with a savage choke and once Erika is down she mounts her and rains down blows to gut and breasts but it only makes the brunette madder. Get ready! This savage catfight has everything: slugs to all parts of the body, stunning kicks, wedgies, breast mauling, breathless chokes, stomps, great holds; one even throws the other over her shoulder as she carries her around and slams her down. My favorite is when they lock up and go after breasts or toward the end when they are crawling and mauling. Ok you know how gorgeous these ladies are and you know what great fighters they are, well that all adds up to ONE HELL OF A CATFIGHT – trust me – you don’t want to miss this one !!!!!!