Celeste Star vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Superheroine Brawl Match

DT-1743HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 480 MB

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We do love beautiful powerful women and non more powerful than a super heroine – we have two of them: Celeste Star and Serene Siren. Celeste is running away from her nemesis Serene, she runs into the ring followed by the blonde, the battle begins as each throws her super powers across the ring and at these sexy clad babes until they are left with just their human powers, which are now used to destroy – with savage kicks to their middles then breast attacks. Serene crawls away lifting her sweet ass high giving such a target – Celeste kicks this target several times hurling poor Serene across the ring but the blonde has some low blows of her own; like when she throws the brunette’s legs around the middle ropes and with running glee sends devastating kicks to her feminine center. Back and forth, hitting and clawing pussies till both babes are crawling on the mat. They can barely go on but go on one must — and one does. A super match with two super heroine super babes !!!!!!