SPECIAL FANTASIES – Stacy Burke vs Christine Dupre


Stacy Burke vs Christine Dupre

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sex Contest

SF-047HD  / Time: 45 Minutes / Size: 1.1GB

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Classic, yes we have two of our classic babes: Stacy Burke and Christine Dupre, they have been with us for so long and for a good reason. For all our old fans and for the new ones that want to see some classic babes this is it, true there is not a lot of real wrestling but there is a lot of these babes. Stacy tells Christine she wants to come back to her and is so sorry she left her for Ariel X and now she wants to prove her love with the sloppiest of kisses, both ladies send out their wet tongues to explore all of their partners mouth – so wet the drool flows over their excited faces. Then to the floor where they do a 69 on each others belly buttons and then on to the breasts for more licking and sucking. So excited is Stacy that when Christine flexes Stacy masturbates on her bicep. Then Stacy wants some pain and demands Christne slap her, over and over Christine obliges with head-snapping slaps – from one side of the room to the other Stacy is thrown from slaps. How does Stacy take so many of these crushing slaps and then go back to soggy wet kisses all over Christine’s body especially at her panties that are now drenched. You will feel wet when this one is over – so get ready for: THE CLASSICS !!!!!!