Match 1 -Both Cali Logan and Stacy Burke, wearing low-cut white blouses, mini-skirts and knee-length white boots, are up for the same beauty title and decide to determine the winner through a bare-knuckle fistfight. The punches find their marks repeatedly, with Cali’s jaw getting the worst of it as Stacy pounds away at her less experienced opponent. Cali is backed against the wall as Stacy’s hammer blows rock Cali into a hapless stupor. Cali slumps to the floor and it looks like a quick victory for Stacy. However, Cali staggers back to her feet, lifting her dukes for another round. Cali’s moxie may be stronger than her chin, however, and Stacy overwhelms the little brunette yet again. When Cali tries to rise again, Stacy’s booted foot kicks her down again. Stacy’s cocky self-assuredness may prove her undoing as Cali gets back on her feet once again and lands some hard blows of her own, finally knocking the blonde bombshell down. The fight starts to even out from here on, with both belting beauties taking their turns on either side of the hitting action. With Cali and Stacy equally exhausted to the point of near collapse, the outcome of this iron fist competition comes down to which girl has the energy to remain standing the longest.

Match 2Celeste Star enters the DT ring with a message to all the bitches who’ve been talking trash about her: She’s out to kick some ass! And her primary target is Nicole Oring who claims to have the strongest legs in town. One guess as to who enters the ring behind her? Nicole staggers the upstart with a furious barrage of kicks and chops that drop Celeste like a stone. The challenge is accepted and the match officially begins, with Nicole’s championship belt on the line. Celeste and Nicole exchange hard blows and Nicole repeatedly smashing her knee into Celeste’s back. With Celeste down on her back, Nicole pounces down for the kill, but is snared by Celeste’s waist scissors. Nicole gets the upper hand again and pummels Celeste in the corner. The Asian’s momentum is jarred when she misses an atomic splash from the ropes. Capitalizing on her opponent’s rattled state, Celeste weakens Nicole further with a foot to the throat and a follow-up facesit that gives the first fall to Celeste. Nicole knocks the cocky smile off Celeste’s face with her knuckles as the second round begins. After nearly being slaughtered by Nicole’s flying feet, Celeste retaliates with some punches and kicks of her own, taking full control of the match. Nicole now becomes all too aware of how blisteringly hot Celeste’s bloodlust burns.

Match 3Hollywood and Nicole Oring face each other in the DT ring to determine which of them will get a sneaker endorsement. Starting this contest with a test of strength, Hollywood sets the tone for this battle by kicking Nicole repeatedly. Nicole comes back with a headlock, but the taller Hollywood breaks free and uses her world-renowned wrestling skills to trap Nicole in several tight leg scissors, knocking the Asian out cold. Belly stomping Nicole back to consciousness, Hollywood continues her dominance over Nicole with a step-over toehold. Nicole kicks out and manages to get Hollywood to the mat, but the leggy Hollywood once again uses her long legs to stymie Nicole’s momentum. Nicole is kicked and stomped against the ropes until a dragon sleeper puts out her lights once again. Hollywood’s mean streak asserts itself again as she sits on Nicole’s face shock her foe back to life again. Nicole fights for her life, making several attempts to knock out Hollywood with a sleeper hold, only to have herself choked into oblivion once again. As Nicole awakens again to even more of Hollywood’s body-bruising assaults, one wonders if she’ll ever get the remotest chance at retaliation.


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