Match 1 -The sexy, sensual and limber Kymberly Jane makes her DT Wrestling debut as she takes on the fierce Nicole Oring. Kymberly’s one-piece is a little loose and during the opening struggle her ample breasts pop out. Nicole pays no mind to the great rack on her opponent as she shows Kymberly what being a DT champion is all about. Kymberly is manhandled into a cruel one-legged boston crab. However, don’t think that our young Kymberly is worthless as she manages to weather the storm of pain heaped upon her by the ominous Oring. Kymberly eventually gains the upper hand. Nicole finds herself straddled by Kymberly, breasts bare and jiggling as Kymberly sinks in a wicked forearm choke. Find out which of these two sultry gladiators will claim the ultimate victory. With girls this hot, it’s hard to go wrong.

Match 2 – This match features two very young and pretty brunettes. Their tiny bikinis are colorful and loud, just like our two wrestlers: Ashley and Karlie. The girls squeal and scream as they are stretched and squeezed in scissors and surfboard holds. They show no mercy towards each other as each hellcat humiliates her rival by exposing her opponent’s breasts to the camera. They repeatedly grab each other’s breasts in a half -teasing, half-painful manner. These fighters are in great shape and really give the fight their all. This match perfectly portrays the cruelty rooted in some young women with scratching, bullying, and humiliation piled on one atop another!

Match 3Hollywood and Christina Carter match up in this epic battle. These two girls have known each other for some time now, which makes this an amazing fight. They each talk smack to the other and retort with some excruciating body blows that even the viewer can feel. Hollywood smiles with twisted glee as she catches Christina in a camel clutch. Christina however, manages to bite Hollywood’s finger, sending her reeling to the mat in pain. Christina sits on Hollywood’s back while administering a Boston crab, which adds extra pressure and pain to Hollywood’s lower back. These girls attempt to stomp each other out with savage abandon. Christina and Hollywood are fabulously ferocious in this fight. They attack without regard for human endurance, making for tantalizing viewing indeed!


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