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Match 1Tanya Daniele and Goldie Blair are dressed up in their sexiest club wear. However, they have one last piece of business to take care of before they scamper off into the night… they must destroy each other. As soon as the bell rings, Goldie takes off her high heels and uses them to impale Tanya’s breasts. Both of these girls have great big titties, which makes for some awesome smothering. The only downside to the smothering is that it prevents the girls from talking their wonderfully sexy smack talk. In fact I’m not sure if the girl’s have crueler words or actions. So if you’re in the mood for some damn sexy big breasted ladies in tiny dresses then this fight is the right one for you!

Match 2 – Let me start this off by saying that the girls in this match are absolutely stunning. They both have toned bodies with perfect breasts. However, these exotic hotties don’t let their looks get in the way of delivering vast amounts of punishment. Nicole Oring whips her incredible long black hair as she snap mares Cali Logan to the mat and then sinks in a one legged boston crab (that makes Cali’s butt look awesome). Cali returns the favor to Nicole with a cruel boston crab of her own. These girls really seem to dislike each other, as the winner takes great pleasure in choking the loser into unconsciousness. Dangerous, sexy, brutal, cruel, and a total turn on? Yes, this match is all those things and more!

Match 3 -These two hot full figured women are giving it their all for a victory in the famous DT ring. Kymberly Jane is looking very nice in her white thong bikini, attacking the slender Amber Michaels like a wild animal. When the tops come off so do the gloves. With titties bouncing everywhere, these two weapons of mass destruction start scissoring and breast mauling each other till they run out of energy. This is a great match between two wrestlers giving it their all, unwilling to lose. If you are a fan of big breasts and great fights than by all means you should get this match. You won’t be disappointed!


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