Match 1 -This match features the perfect recipe for a DT classic. You take one part Tylene Buck, add a dash of tiny black lingerie, let it simmer for a couple minutes under the hot glare of the camera’s eye. Then you throw in a heaping dose of that Nubian queen, Monica Foster, and flambé it all together with the intoxicating liquor of jealousy. You see, Monica beat Tylene in a best body contest, and Tylene is not happy. These girls get completely naked and breast maul each other into udder agony. As an added treat these two tasty tarts actually milk each other. You will absolutely love this scrumptious delicacy of female fighting.

Match 2Francesca Le and Venus Delight are both DT champions. They are hanging out in the ring together waiting for their upcoming fight against the puny Miko. The champions are wearing their belts, boxing robes, high heels, and bras (no bottoms). Francesca and Venus are discussing how easy Miko will be to beat, when Jewell Marceau, the fiercest of all warriors cuts their conversation short. Immediately the once cocky champions drop to their knees in terror. They beg for mercy as Jewell begins to unleash pain. Jewell pins the girls over and over again. Eventually she decides to have a little fun. Jewell forces Francesca and Venus to fight. This is an especially sexy video because multiple times the loser is knocked out via orgasm. These three classic DT wrestlers make this match a must have for any DT fan.

Match 3Christina Carter and Eden Wells are fighting just for you. They dress and warm up, all the while talking directly to you. You are their boyfriend and they will fight to the death just to make you smile a little bit. The fighting attire is business casual, which is super hot, not to mention the fact that the girls aren’t wearing any panties. This knockdown drag out match devolves until the girls are completely nude and fighting like animals. The shit talk is non-stop and very hot. Even while fighting, the girls talk to you, saying that they are doing this “for you”, just to “make you happy”. Get ready for a mesmerizing match between two gorgeous women fighting for the love of their life… YOU!


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