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Match 1 -Two wild she demons going at it with all they have, Cali Logan and Dia Zerva are wild in this one as they face off in the ring. Both talk a lot of trash as they get each other in a myriad of great holds. When those tops come off they do some fun trash talking as Cali now takes command, Dia seems shocked as she assumed she would destroy this little doll but we all know how strong Cali is and now she goes for humiliation as she puts her feet in Dia’s face, then puts them all over the blond’s breasts. Then there is that great mutual leg scissors around the neck as they roll, each trying to gain the dominant position. Now it’s Dia’s turn in control and she comes through with some great holds, love the variation on the ceiling press where she bounces the life out of poor Cali. These are two of he best when it comes to going for it, so sit back and enjoy the show because these beauties are as much fun to listen to as they are to watch.

Match 2Samantha Ryan is in the ring doing her stomach crunches on a big exercise ball when Hollywood sneaks up and hits her a good one in the gut. The big blond now forces her in the corner and proceeds to beat her silly, when the beautiful brunette falls to the mat the sleek one gives her forearm smashes to the chest and lots of gut slugs. Hollywood puts on many punishing holds before Samantha finally has her chance, now Hollywood is forced over the ball and her sleek abs are worked over. Next their tops gets ripped off and as their beautiful breasts find freedom the ball finds more uses: they sit on the ball with their opponent under the ball as the squish her, put a leg over the ball and try to break it, throw the ball hard and then roll the ball over their luscious bodies. Both are determined to win, these two tall strong battlers are great fun to watch as they are willing to use anything to win and that includes a big exercise ball that squishes both of their supple bodies.

Match 3Alyssa Reese in her hot pink bikini and Keds takes on Melissa Jacobs in her sexy gold bikini and wrestling boots. These two have been wanting to fight for a long time and we’re more than happy to oblige them as these two both love to grapple. It’s even until Alyssa puts a flying kick in Melissa’s tight belly, the sleek beauty now goes about destroying her prey, she rips her top off and chokes her with it as she smiles with glee watching Melissa cough and gag even after the choking stops. A long face sit has Melissa in real trouble as the bronze muscular one now stands over her and puts her foot on Melissa’s neck and chokes even more, with Mel totally under her command she proceeds to walk her around the ring like her pet – more punishment to the throat and gut then slams her foot into her crotch and sustains the pressure as sexy Melissa whimpers in pain. How much more of this total annihilation can poor Melissa take — much more than she should. Two young beauties, one won’t give up and the other won’t stop dishing it out!!!


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