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Match 1Jenni Czech is one hot blond, and oh so strong, after choking out Puma she is ready for the best female we have and she gets her; Ariel X, looking more fit that ever. Test of strength shows off their beautiful firm butts as they spread their shapely legs in a brace to apply force, long and hard they struggle till Jenni pulls X into her tight grip – bear hug baby and it’s a bad one. Blondie throws her to the canvas like a doll, then proceeds to destroy her but Ariel’s skill allows her to escape – the pattern seems to be set, X’s skill verses Jenni’s power, her awesome legs wrap around poor Ariel but always X escapes and shows her own power. Tops come off revealing two fabulous figures of two equal foes but only one leaves this ring upright – WOW, two of the best doing what they do best!!!

Match 2 -Damn I love these two, you want a great show by two grapplers that love to roll and I mean LOVE IT, then watch Kymberly Jane take on Sinn Sage. Sinn the quiet strong one and Kym the wild energetic one. Not only do these two do everything but they do it to extremes, when they face sit – THEY SIT, when they twist nipples those nipples ripple and when they put on a hold they put it on for the ultimate pain. Sinn even throws Kym out of the ring but the wild one just comes bounding back. These two topless gladiators are what a ring cat fight is all about, yes when Kymberly climbs to the top rope and puts a scissors on Sinn – well it just doesn’t get better than this – everything and done to extreme! I LOVE THESE TWO and so will you!!!

Match 3Taylor Vixen, why is she so popular? Watch and find out when she takes on the fabulous Karlie Montana – Karlie has the right idea as she says, ” did you see her titties, they’re coming out yes, they’re coming out to play”, she soon makes good on her promise as she frees those fabulous breasts then proceeds to maul that luscious flesh, but Karlie finds that this chest flesh also works as weapons when they are laid upon your face for a smother. Karlie uses her rock hard body as a weapon, she demonstrates moves on the newbie, camel clutch, surfboard, neck scissors and many more but Taylor is no wimp, no she gives as well as she gets and soon finds even Karlie’s rippled gut can be hurt with enough hard blows, yes this beauty is learning fast. The rock hard body takes on the voluptious warrior – she’s new but she’s coming on strong – Taylor Vixen!!!


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