Match 1Capri Cavalli and Ariel X are enjoying each other’s perfect bodies when Randy Moore walks in. Capri is Randy’s girlfriend and she doesn’t appreciate Ariel feeling up her woman. Randy sneaks up behind Ariel and sinks in a cruel choke. Capri immediately joins in on the torture session. Ariel’s slender body is stretched upwards, elongating her already sleek physique. Capri and Randy take this opportunity to scratch and claw Ariel’s gorgeous mid-section. This dual choke and stomach mauling continues until Ariel is exhausted and broken. Capri and Randy are very turned on by their victim’s fallen state, and begin a sensual make-out and groping session, all the while including the delirious Ariel in the action.

Match 2Tylene Buck and Diana Knight are sitting on the couch in their bikinis, flirting like a couple of naughty school girls. They start to kiss, just as Christina Carter flies into the room in a blind rage. Christina is furious that Tylene would try to steal Diana from her. A cruel catfight ensues for the right to be with Diana. Diana is helpless. She watches worriedly, trying to stop the two incensed lovers, but the cruel catfight will continue. Tylene and Christina are alpha females fighting for their prized possession, Diana. Just as the back and forth breast torturing is reaching a fevered pitch, Diana puts her foot down and tells both girls that if they both don’t want to lose her, they better stop fighting and make up. Diana ends this match by getting Tylene and Christina to make out with each other while in Diana’s warm embrace. A perfect DT match with a perfect ending.

Match 3Cali Logan and Emily Addison are two of DT’s most beautiful ladies. Today they are wearing black dresses, high heel shoes, and some very sexy panty hose. Emily is a champion at panty hose matches, which prompts Cali, the young upstart, to challenge Emily. The fighting in this match is incredibly erotic. The pair roll around the floor and furniture, body to body, legs entwined. Their tan panty hosed legs rub against each other in a ballet of sensual struggling. The girls scratch at the legs of their opponent, but to no avail. This match will be a glorious battle not a quick skirmish. Their faces and bodies are as gorgeous as they come. Do not let yourself miss this awe inspiring panty hose match. It is truly a work of art.


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