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Match 1Christiana and Max Mikita are facing off in a competitive style wrestling match. The holds are real, strenuous, and incredibly fun to watch. There is no shit talking in this match, only the grunts of exertion and pain are audible. As one of the fighters begins to weaken you will see the winner take full advantage by utilizing increasingly complex and cruel holds to beat the will out of her struggling opponent. This match is brutal, but it is realistic and really enjoyable. If you are a purist at heart then you will love this match. There are no frills or fancy story lines here, just actual human struggle, pain, and pleasure.

Match 2 -Another in that long line of championship stocking videos, the last one was 999-01; Kym vs. Capri and that was preceded by 991-03 Samantha vs. Capri. This is Samantha Ryan when she had her belt and Keira Kelly is here to take it away. They both show up in hot dresses, fishnet stocking and heels, they came for photos first – then an ass kicking. Both ladies talk a lot of trash as they each strip down to just stockings and bikini, each bragging and showing off her beautiful gams and oh how their legs look hot in these stockings – they stroke and caress their lean limbs and asses. It’s a multi fall match and the winner of each gets to pick the type of fall, since Sam is the champ she gets to pick fist and picks hardcore — hardcore it is as Keira meets Sam’s knee in her tender belly, down she goes and here comes the beating. Winning that round Sam picks scissors or smother for the next round and it’s a great one as these sexy ladies get to show off their fabulous legs and asses. The winner next picks kick boxing and this is the most brutal round, so many hard blows to the head and mostly kicks, smashing blows that have one maiden dazed and bloody. The last round is submission and one of the ladies is all but out, it’s total destruction time and then it’s time to make her kiss your sweet ass and legs and oh does our winner rub it in — it’s so good to be a winner!!!

Match 3Cindy Pucci, she’s back and she’s been doing a bit of wrestling since last we saw the petit blonde beauty. But can she take the super sexy Asian Akira in a best of seven falls pin only match? Only one way to find out, these two warriors battle for over thirty minutes. Now we thought Cindy would get destroyed so we were very surprised when she came out on fire and pinned the brown beauty in the fist round surely this was just a fluke but no she comes out for blood in the second with boob smothers, corner slugs and almost has Akira pinned when, yes Akira comes back but not enough as she gets pinned again. This is getting serious and Akira knows it, we can see in her corner she is summoning all her energy. She does come back with punishing scissors, match books, camel clutches and so much more before a great pin. But this match is just getting started as both ladies stage comebacks that take us to over thirty minutes of pinning devastation!!!


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