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Match 1Ashley Grace is taking on Sadie Holmes, a new comer to DT. Sadie and Ashley were friends before this match started, in fact, Ashley was the girl who brought us Sadie. However, once the match started, these two best friends let the competition get the best of them. Sucks for their friendship, but it made a great match for us! The shit talk is non-stop and the mood of the fight is ferocious. Sadie is petite and cute, while Ashley is voluptuous and sensual. Watching these two hotties choke, scissor, and bite each other is truly beautiful. This video is definitely a new DT classic.

Match 2JC Marie and Samantha Ryan are wearing some adorable one piece bathing suits as they square off in the ring. The blonde bombshell and the sultry brunette are going to stop at nothing to win this steamy catfight. Watching their hot bodies bend and stretch is indescribably hot, and when their breasts are finally exposed, the match turns into a work of art. Expect lots of breast smothering and all kinds of chokeholds. This match ends with a wonderful forced foot worshiping. The loser has to crawl across the ring and kiss the winner’s toes and ass. So whether you like blondes or brunettes, this DT masterpiece is definitely for you.

Match 3Tylene Buck is one of DT’s most decorated and legendary warriors, but today she is facing Sinn Sage, DT’s most talented and ferocious young fighter. They lose their tops early and keep on fighting like the champs that they are. These two girls go at it with reckless abandon. The screams are loud, the hits are hard, and the bites are real. Tylene and Sinn fight until they have nothing left. Scratching, wedgying, hair-pulling, and pinching are all acceptable practices for these two. This epic brawl is the kind that legends are made of. Will the champion continue to reign or will youth win out, only this match can answer that question.


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