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Match 1Capri Cavanni and Erika Jordan are some perfect bodied brunettes, and today they are facing off in a classic DT catfight. These young wrestlers are cute and energetic, and they fight accordingly. There is hardly a moment of downtime as these bubbly beauties execute bear hugs, wedgies, and matchbox pins. Watching their sculpted bodies being wretched, squeezed, twisted, and pummeled makes the beauty of their form stand out even more. These tight bodies and beautiful faces are easily some of the best that Double Trouble has to offer. So if you’re a fan of fun and exuberant catfights, this is a match you just can’t pass on.

Match 2 -WOW, you want action this is jam-packed with non stop wild fun, Prinzzess and Sadie Holmes are sleek young beauties and neither wants to be on the bottom. They go crazy on each other, both vying for the upper hand, Prinzzess thought this newbie would be a push over, boy was she wrong – Sadie is wild and wonderful, she never stops and she hates losing almost as much as Prinzzess, she is deceivingly strong, as Prinzzess soon finds out when the sinewy beauty gets a good choke on her and the only way the beautiful blonde can get out is to flip the feisty brunette over her back. Never have I heard such heavy breathing as Sadie is pushing herself to the limit, but she won’t stop – finally they rest in a fabulous butt to butt leg scissors. This rest is short lived as the blonde soon jams her foot hard into Sadie’s tender crotch, pulling Sadie’s sleek legs to gain more pained leverage. The tops come off as these equally matched gladiators free their natural pert breasts, the wildness continues to the end as these two gorgeous young women will not yield to each other — you got to love these two wild beauties !!!!

Match 3 -You want her, we got her, the fabulous Emily Addison takes on one of the big girls; Ashley Grace. A long test of strength gives the girls a good beginning, Emily sees this big beauty may be too strong so she kicks her hard in the ribs, sending Ashley to the corner where Emily can attack her bountiful breasts. then to the mat she throws her where she can wrap her shapley legs around the big brunette and squeeze, but don’t think Ashley doesn’t get her revenge – she soon has Emily in a waist scissors then breast smother. Emily rips Ashley’s top off and uses it to choke her, soon all four of their lusious boobs are free and under attack, Emily also user hers as a weapon when she drops one supple breast into the brunette’s mouth, truly a mouth full. It’s a back and forth battle with surf boards, bow and arrows, face sitting, breast mauling and some great butt pounding. they end with a long choke out — Emily is so sexy and with a big beauty like Ashley Grace, well, it’s just everything you could expect from these two fabulous beauties !!!!!


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