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Match 1Cherie Deville, that new blonde with the amazing body, she had one match and now she thinks she’s great. She tells Danielle Trixie that she’s been practicing and everyone better watch out. Danielle has been around wrestling for a few years now so she resents this new girl thinking she is so good – not long and Danielle is digging her claws into Cherie’s amazing breasts. Yes Sexy Danny plans on teaching this newbie a lesson or two, she so wants to destroy this amazing body and it’s the breasts she aims at the most. On the couch Danielle has her blonde foe in a leg scissors that allows her to attack the breasts, then it’s to the floor they roll and soon the tops are down, they are sitting face to face and Cherie returns the favor and gouges Danielle’s chest flesh, soon they both have their hands filled with the soft fleshy pillows. We get a look inside Cherie when she takes her blonde foe over her knee and spanks that beautiful round ass, she so delights in each slap as she watches the butt vibrate with each hit. Lots of scissors and rolling, but always back to those breasts, they even use their feet for tit attacks, but by far the best is when they stand toe to toe, grip each others nipples and wail – a great view looking up between them shows their whole bodies shaking from the nipple torture. We all know how beautiful and fun Danielle is, so it is a super delight to see Cherie the body Deville in all her glory !!!!!

Match 2 -It’s kicking, it’s slugging, it’s everything but no hits in the face — mostly it’s two of the hottest blonde bodies to ever step on a mat; JC Marie and Randy Moore. It’s a multi fall submission match, whoever has the most submissions at the end of the time limit wins. They start out circling each other, each takes turns hitting guts and breasts then kicks to those firm thighs – more hits harder and harder till they are forced to grab each other in a bear hug, but still they hit until one pulls the other to the ground – now starts the quest for subs, each girl taking her turn with chokes, scissors and arm bars. Not long and they are back on their feet pounding each other – now they are really softening up those guts and breasts, more kicks send them back to the mat. What a pleasure watching these two hard bodies going after each other — we get the best of both worlds, tight body to body ground action with great holds and lots of stand up fighting with fabulous body pounding by both fists and feet — one super fabulous blonde battle !!!!!!

Match 3 -Ok, there’s no wrestling in this one, lots of rough talk but no wrestling – every now and then it’s just fun to watch two sexy ladies seeing who can out dance the other. Francesca Le calls Erika Jordan up and invites her over, she arrives and they are both topless in tight jeans. Franny accuses the newbie of trying to be the top dancer at the lesbian strip club, Erika admits this is what she plans on being – Francesca challenges her to a dance off and we are off. The dancing gets wild as they trash talk each other down, the jeans come off as each lap dances the other hard trying to see who’s the best. Sexy rubbing, then kissing, then deep kissing – hard those beautiful butts push in for effect. Sensuously they slide up and down each other ending in a tongue dance or is that a tongue battle. OK, there’s no wrestling but sometimes it’s just fun to watch two of the sexiest girls around — just be sexy !!!!!!!


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