Match 1Ariella Ferrera wants to be called Latin Heat and is looking for some matches to show off her new talent, she shows up at the ring dressed in her sexy low cut party dress and heels only to find Mark and Celeste waiting for Randy but Celeste says she will be happy to warm up with the busty brunette, an insulted Ariella says she will fuck up this skinny bitch — we are set for a wild fight. Ariella strips down to her bra, panties and nylons, but she could of left off the bra as Celeste soon has it off just to take a good look at those mammoth mounds, then proceeds to destroy the voluptuous brunette with head scissors, face sits and chokes. Doesn’t look good for poor Ariella, but she is determined to make this a fight and comes out to prove she deserves to be called Latin Heat as she surprises sexy Celeste with some brutal blows – we have a fight, she smothers her with those chest pillows then returns the face sits and more and more till she takes this fall. They each have one fall, and the next few falls are wild and brutal even with a bit of blood till we have a winner who wants the loser to kiss her ass !!!!

Match 2 -Oh I do love these nylon ring matches, the nylons with nothing underneath are so sexy and they start out topless! Two of the best are Melissa Jacobs and Christina Carter, these two are so much fun to watch and so sexy in those tan silky nylons. They start out with a lock up and Christina takes control pulling Melissa down and splitting her legs wide apart giving us such a sensuous almost nude view of her perky ass, next she stretches her legs out as she jams her foot hard into the smaller redhead’s crotch – this becomes a theme in this match as both ladies constantly go back to destroying those tender centers. And there are some other great features as when both ladies on their knees pull hair, neither will let go until they end up rolling on the mat, and speaking of rolling they have several scenes of great rolling, bodies intwined they roll. Of course we still have the great scissors and wedgies, add it all up and this is one fabulous match, competitive yet oh so sensual !!!

Match 3Erika Jordan and Tylene Buck are some kick ass alpha females. They hand out beatings to anyone who gives them the slightest back talk. Today they happen to face each other in the DT ring. Each of them are wearing black underwear and stockings that really compliment their already stunning bodies. They quickly get up in one another’s faces with some very harsh language. The wedgy action is intense and almost constant. The tiny panties they wear almost disappear as it is being violently ripped up and inside of each girl. The loser is stripped completely naked and embarrassed in front of the camera. Which proud fighter will end up buck naked and on the brink of tears? You’ll have to watch this match to find out.


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