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Match 1 -Ivy Sherwood is resting on the couch. She is completely nude except for a pair of tiny pink panties. Her tight dark skin pops against the lacy fringe of her undergarment. Ivy’s relaxed demeanor is startled by the intrusion of Cherie Deville. Cherie is also Topless. “Why is there a stranger topless in my man’s house?!” Cherie rails. Ivy quickly stands up and asks the big tittied blonde stranger the exact same thing. This confusion almost immediately devolves into a violent struggle over the man of their dreams. These betrayed lovers will do whatever it takes to come out on top. Ivy is ecstatic as she yanks and rips at Cherie’s silky and golden locks. Cherie takes the opportunity to grab at Ivy’s small panties and yank them up. Ivy’s beautiful ass cheeks perk up and Cherie smacks them back down. This fun fight is sure to satisfy every DT fan.

Match 2 -The brunette and the blonde, two big beautiful babes getting down to it: Angela Sommers and Jewell Marceau square off to see who is the best – so get ready for some big fun. Such a beautiful blonde and such a striking brunette, so many have wanted to see these two together. Jewell has been working out so she is ready when they lock up in a test of strength that lasts so long they are forced to go into a bear hug, then to the canvas where a grapevine then a schoolgirl pin has Angela ripe for some smashing gut slugs. Eventually Angela gets her turn at destruction and backs Jewell in the corner where she unloads with punches in bunches adding in a few kicks to make sure that gut is busted. Their big beautiful breasts are exposed so they too can be attacked, the brunette and blonde share dominance till finally one is supine as fists rain down, then those luscious breasts are used to smother, slowly ever so slowly those soft pillows are smashed into that beautiful face, slowly ever so slowly she goes out… two big beautiful babes getting down to it!!!

Match 3 -Sometimes the girls go all the way, I mean they get so excited they really rip into each other and that is the case with Odette Delacroix and Tara Morgan, oh my does this one take it to the limit – so if you are a bit squeamish about blood, this is not the one for you. Soon after they start, this fight becomes intense; biting and clawing till they break the skin, dig in deep to that red liquid, till it oozes out and smears across their vulnerable breasts and butts. This is the ultimate cat fight, a choke turns into a bite, a hair pull turns into a savage face claw, each trying to out bleed her foe. Tops are soon ripped off as their bodies are splattered red, every hold is just another chance to dig those sharp teeth into that soft young flesh as they talk trash telling each other how much they enjoy destroying them. The red liquid seems to aid their young lithe bodies as they slide and slither into the next bludgeoning position. Bodies and faces covered with the red juice of life as our wild warriors battle till one can battle no more!!!


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