Match 1 – Lyra Louvel and Alix Linx are two smoking hot young wrestlers. They are fighting in nothing but red thongs. Both women have perfectly perky tits. The cat fighting starts almost immediately. Lyra charges Alix and puts her in a body scissors. This multi-fall submission match leads to both women putting each other in some very compromising situations. Arm bars, standing abdominal stretches, and figure four leg locks are all on the menu. As if that wasn’t enough, both women spend lots of time softening each other with dozens of knees and punches to the back and stomach. Lyra and Alix moan and cry as this excruciating fight goes back and forth until one girl is simply unable to stand. You will love watching two of the youngest and hottest girls on the DT roster going at it.

Match 2 – There are some girls that can go way beyond, yes way beyond the limits, Goldie Blair is one of those girls and no one tests her limits like the queen of mean, Kristie Etzold, we have had these two together before and every time it’s one hell of a show. Goldie is dressed in an amazing gold bikini that so shows off her robust breasts and thin on the bottom to accentuate her sweet behind, Kristie is in her usual black leotard and scary mask. Our two warriors start off with a wild test of strength that Kristie finally wins with a killer bear hug, pulling the red head high off the ground and flinging her around the ring and to the corner where Goldie jumps up and wraps her strong shapely legs tight around the big red head and squeezes till she has to back away. Kristie puts a head squeeze on Goldie’s then picks her up and hoists her over her shoulders, Goldie puts Kristie’s head between her legs and squeezes while she is on her knees flailing in pain – back and forth they go each testing the others endurance for suffering, and i’m not kidding when I say they take it to the limit. Finally big red takes over and little red is in some real trouble, now we’ll really see how much she can take as Kristie pulls out every sadistic trick she has to destroy her arch rival — how much can Goldie take… WAY BEYOND THE LIMITS !!!!!!

Match 3 –  GET READY, the vault is open and inside is gold – the gold is RANDY MOORE, we all remember Randy the body Moore, leaving us all wanting more, well here it is, and this is so much more because she is with the other great body; Ariel X. And to make this the perfect Randy movie she wears a small black dress and gives us a great photo session where she posses with a chair in the ring, her sexy body stretching in so many erotic positions. Ariel enters with the championship belt over her shoulder and we soon have a fight, both ladies strip to their stocking and bras – the fight is on. Both of these strong ladies take turns at destruction with throws, blows and killer kicks that eventually draw blood from both fems. Slowly they wear each other down with chokes, love it when Randy uses her long sexy legs to brace under X’s chin then presses hard on her feminine neck, or has her over the middle rope and smashes her knee on her neck for another choke. Ariel works her destruction on the blonde to begin but then Randy makes a spectacular comeback… two of our strongest beauties are back and it couldn’t be more fun to watch them in action. Randy was always Moore!!!!!


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