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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Now we all know how tough Olivia Austin is but can she take on two tough wild beauties; Ivy Sherwood and Hannah Perez – not if they start off cheating and they do. Soon they are in complete control of the big sexy blonde, first ganging up on her big beautiful butt as they bend her over and spank those bulging cheeks, then to her big breasts they bite and punch. But don’t count the tough blonde out as she now gets her chance at revenge on each of these wild women, she destroys them, one she smothers with her large breasts and the other she takes to the corner where she can return the favor and go after her succulent breasts. She lets her guard down and again they are able to gang up on her with a fabulous double mount, one face sitting her while the other sits on there tummy and goes after her breasts. Can Olivia come back again or is she doomed to be double teamed till she can take no more – in either case we get to see three gorgeous ladies giving their all !!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – Well sometimes there’s nothing better than a good breast battle and that’s exactly what we are privileged to witness here, Alix Lynx and Christie Stevens are ready to see who has the strongest breasts but before they start they don’t even believe each others bust size so they measure each other and find some discrepancies. Soon they start the first part of this chest war, hands behind their back they crash their chests together till one can drive the other into the ropes, then off to multiple rounds with holds all aimed at breast busting. Each blonde takes her turn mounting her foe and smashing her breasts down hard, then to the corner for more gouging, pinching and squishing. One blonde gives and we are off to the next round with a test of strength that soon tuns into tit smashing and so much more chest bashing because sometimes there’s nothing better than a good breast battle !!!!!!

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – Karlie Montana and Aaliyah Love are standing in the DT ring wearing nothing but thong underwear. They are comparing their butts when Karlie’s jealousy over Aaliyah’s round ass leads to violence. Karlie grabs Aaliyah, bends her over, and inflicts a vicious wedgy. Luckily, Aaliyah’s plump booty is pointing right at the camera. With each tug of the wedgy or stomp of Ms. Love’s feet we get to see that perfectly shaped ass jiggle. Eventually, Karlie releases her prey. Aaliyah is shocked and immediately seeks revenge. Aaliyah bends Karlie over the ropes and returns the favor with an even longer and more powerful wedgy than before. This video is bursting at the seams with wedgies. There are frontal wedgies, wedgies against the turn buckles, back breaker wedgies, wedgies that lift girls off the mat. If you can imagine a wedgy, this video probably has it. So if you want to see some drop dead beauties give each other wedgies for twenty minutes, this is definitely the video for you.


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