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Butts, breasts and beautiful babes, what could be better… Goldie Blair, Erika Jordan and kimberly Jane are the bad girls and they jump Ariel X and Christina Carter, once they have them they kick the hell out of them and I do mean kick as they get each girl over the couch and kick and smack their glorious asses – Ariel in tight jeans and Christina in a tight cocktail dress. Then the bad girls rip off their tops and take them outside so they can put them up against the wall and really attack their bodies, then they escort them to the bedroom all the way kicking their sweet asses so they can beat them a bit then take them outside one at a time and have their way with them, back up against the outside wall as six hands molest their bodies, so wonderful to watch all these hands on their vulnerable breasts and pussies and when they are done working over their crotches and tits they march them up and down so they can get some great pounding on those bent over butts. Even our villains get topless as they continue their pounding, those low angles as they work over their captives against the wall are fabulous, dresses pulled up as they pound the nylon clad asses then turn them around for a frontal attack. We end with their nylons pulled down from their asses as they lay in bed after this horrific assault — five gorgeous topless fems —— butts, breasts and beautiful babes, what could be better ?!?!?!?

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