Saya Song & Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match (w/ oil)

DT-1442-02  / Time: 44 Minutes / Size: 1G

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Saya Song is the cutest petit Asian, she is a foot model and shows off her beautiful small feet as she tells us of a foot job she did for a man in the back – wait one minute did she say it was Ariel X’s man, oh this could be very very bad because… in rushes the muscular X and she is pissed and ready to destroy. She throws the little beauty off the couch and begins the torment, from one hold to the next she bends and contorts the petit Asian as she seeks retribution. X crushes her head, bends her in a matchbook, flings her over her knee, bearhugs her, throws her over her shoulder, contorts her in a bow and arrow and so many more acts of destruction… surely she is done with the petite one, nooooo way. Now she takes her prey to the ring where a pool of oil awaits, she strips Saya down to her bikini bottoms, takes off her own top then starts the holds all over again but this time adds some great new twists, she bends the Asian over the side of the pool then face sits her on the outside of the pool – you have to see this one and it’s just the beginning of an onslaught of amazing holds. Both their bodies shine as the oil does it’s job — this is domination to the extreme so get ready because X is singing a Song you will never forget !!!!!!