Erika Jordan vs Christina Carter


DT-1458-01  / Time: 45 Minutes / Size: 1GB


Christina Carter is topless, sitting on the DT couch. She has challenged her self to defeat every girl on the DT roster. She is sitting in the office waiting for any girl to walk in the door. Christina says she will fight the first girl to walk into the office. Not only does Christina want to lay waste to the roster, she wants to defeat her opponents by squishing them. Christina Carter happens to be the first girl to enter the office. Christina lights up with excitement. She grabs Erika, pulls her tits out, and they starts bear hugging each other. Christina’s much larger breasts are instantly too much for Erika. She struggles and whimpers as Christina’s larges breasts push heavily into Erika’s chest. Before long, Erika is breathing heavy and trying to make excuses to escape this fight. Christina is having none of it. She pushes Erika until her back is against a wall. This gives Christina more leverage to crush Erika’s perky tits. Erika complains that her rib cage is going to shatter. Christina throws Erika onto the couch. She then sits on Erika’s chest in a reverse cowgirl. Ms. Carter bounces her sizable ass up and down on Erika. If you want to see the beautiful Erika Jordan being dominated and squeezed to a pulp, then you will absolutely love this video.