Ariel X vs. Sarah Brooke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Knock Out Match

DT-1463-01  / Time: 22 Minutes / 519MB

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This isn’t over till one quits, no matter how many times you knock me out if I get up we continue — now that doesn’t mean much if we have a couple of wimps fighting but we have two of the greatest: Ariel X and Sarah Brooke, two of the best wrestlers to grace a ring. Both in their sexy bikinis and high wrestling boots, both ready to rumble to the end, both as beautiful as ever and there is no give in either of these incredible grapplers. Oh this is a fight we all have been looking for and as they lock up our anticipation grows. We are not disappointed – they are soon rolling from one great hold to another, one wraps her legs around a feminine neck and the constriction begins only to have a roll that finds their situation reversed and now another set of muscular legs choke. They are both so adept with jujitsu and wrestling, what a joy watching two fit fem beauties work their wrestling magic till we have our first knock out but don’t worry she is by no means ready to quit, oh no we have lots of incredible knock outs but we just keep going because these ladies will not quit. Fabulous wrestling with lots of subdued holds, chokes from all possible directions – ending in knock outs by two of the best wrestling beauties ever — you gotta love it !!!!!!