Christine Dupre vs. Ariel X


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What happens when two women hate each other since they were young girls, when hate grows with each year and incident, when they are grown and still bitter rivals, the hate festers even more.  That’s exactly what we have here with Christine Dupre and Ariel X, as they dress we hear all about their life long hatred. Of course one grows up to be a Republican and the other a Democrat and both vie in a hotly contested Senatorial campaign, where they almost come to blows at the debate but instead agree to met and settle this once and for all.  Dressed in their sexy dresses they meet to  have it out, to settle a life long score of contempt and loathing.  These ladies have not met to fight, no they have met to annihilate and that’s exactly what we are privileged to witness.  The extreme hostility streams from their mouths, till they can no longer stand it, the savage hair pulling begins as around the room they throw each other. This is just the beginning of an all out war.  The dresses are ripped from their flushed bodies, fierce blows are traded, bites and scratches abound as they roll from bed to couch to wall… always intense and intent on destruction.  Is nothing sacred, panties are ripped from their sensuous bodies and pussies are attacked.  Naked their blood lust intensifies till only one of these ferocious fems can walk out… the other is left defeated, scared and sprawled out across the bed —— this is the state of our country today – this is what happens when hate is left to fester over a lifetime !!!!!!