Ariel X vs London Rivers

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1480-01/ Time: 20 Minutes / 482 MB

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This is the second part of this amazing fight, first seen in 1477-02 with Ariel X and London Rivers.  This is truly a battle royal as we have two queens that hate each other, trying to destroy each other; in the first episode they showed their venom as they ripped off clothes and pride.  Now we find them naked on the floor with queen Ariel on top using her breasts to beat queen London in the face, then they roll slowly across the floor using arms and legs to constrict, each taking turns biting, scratching and gouging. On their knees they have one of the most brutal batterings ever, only out done when they go to the bed – in both instances they trade slaps and slugs, then gouge faces, eyes, and breasts, finally going to savage bites.  The bruises and scratches are only obscured by the blood as these naked queens let all their passions flow.  Finally they go to the crotches with a mutual pussy maul followed by a mutual death grip on the necks.  These babes are sooooo wild, they throw each other from bed to floor till one queen moves no more.  Truly a BATTLE  ROYAL and one of our most brutal ever !!!!!!