Erika Jordan vs. Cherie Deville.

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Match

DT-1490-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 489 MB

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Buck’s babes are battling again and we are ecstatic, because they are two of our favorites: Erika Jordan and Cherie Deville.  Yes that Buck has the women and they just love to fight for him, not just fight but go to war. When these two let go, it’s a joy to behold, wild wonderful beauty.  Cherie rips Erika’s top off and soon both babes are going for the breasts, digging those nails deep into breast flesh then pinching nipples till they are red and erect.  Don’t forget those crotches, and to really get to them off come all the clothes.  These two gorgeous nude bodies collide with a bear hug as they pull hair, then to a mutual pussy grab but to make it really hurt they add biting to those tender centers, from on top and from behind they sink their teeth into vulnerable pussies. Then back to breast attacks that turn into sexy cat-balling, their tantalizing bodies smash together with legs intertwined as they roll across the carpet while pulling hair ending in a 69 position where both beauties can inflict ultimate pain on pussies – faces enveloped deep into crotches, one butt rises high to the groans of pain, then over they roll and another beautiful ass tightens with the ultimate agony… we have a winner !!!!!!