Ariel X vs. Erika Jordan


DT-1529HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 500 MB


Ariel X is excited to beat the stuffing out of Erika Jordan. Ariel smirks and flexes for the camera. Her strong upper body ripples with muscle under her well tanned caramel skin. Erika Jordan has a softer look, but she still has a steel disposition. She isn’t afraid at all to face off with a titan like Ariel. The women don’t even wait for the bell. They go right at each other and Ariel drags Erika to the mat. Mere seconds go by before Ariel and Erika’s tops come undone. Ariel is careless and loses her top position. Erika has her back and is trying to choke her out, but she can’t hold on to the slippery Ariel X. She escapes into side control and easily locks in an arm bar. Erika twists her tight body to escape into a head scissors. Ariel uses this opening to send slug after slug into Erika’s already taxed abdomen. While their control is a little messy, the grappling technique both of these girls show is top level and is seldom seen in the catfighting world. If you want to see two beautiful and topless brunettes go at each other with some legit chokes and joint locks, then you can’t do much better than this video.