Erika Jordan & Christina Carter & Sinn Sage


DT-1547HD/ Time: 36 Minutes / 862 MB


This video begins with Erika Jordan wearing nothing but a bikini top and high heels. She is straddling Christina Carter’s pretty face with her bare crotch. She bounces up and down and grinds on Christina’s moaning mouth. The camera pulls back to show Sinn Sage is on her knees, face down in Christina Carter’s naked pussy. Erika grabs Sinn by the neck and throws her into the corner. Sinn is wearing a black top with no bottoms so her pretty bush is showing. Erika slugs Sinn in the gut and sends her crashing to the mat. The fun is just beginning though. Erika drags Sinn back to her feet and then puts both hands around her neck. She squeezes and we get to watch as Sinn gurgles and wheezes until she passes out. Erika executes a similar plan of attack on the woozy Christina Carter. Erika then puts the pair through a series of back breakers that really show off the girl’s nether regions. Erika gets completely nude and then undresses both of her victims. Erika has never been so cruel in a DT video. The eroticism and attacks just get nastier and nastier in this one. Erika finds so many ways to put Sinn and Christina to sleep and then violently wake them up again. This one sided destruction video gets real freaky. You are going to love it.