Erika Jordan vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight Match

DT-1561HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 487 MB


Oh wow do we love these two, so get ready because you are in for a real treat; Erika Jordan and Serene Siren — NEED WE SAY MORE.  Ok we will say more because I just can’t help it, there is just too much to say.  They start out in boxing robes but they soon come off so these incredible beauties can model their amazing hard bodies.  They start out with a breast battle – hands behind their backs as they pound their supple chests together, over and over they smack those tender breasts together till one can take no more and goes after a vulnerable pussy.  The pussy attacks take them to the mat where they crawl on all fours like sexy cats, their butts flex with each crawl as their lean bodies coil for the next attack. From here on we are treated to so many wild positions as they work their way to breast biting and mauling as swell as pussy attacks from all directions.  Just watching these two amazing bodies flow over and through each other is a splendid treat.  That test of strength where they slam their tits together vying for control as to the ground they go — just glorious.  Bite that pussy, bite that breast, bite that butt — do what it takes to win.  These beauties love to be naked!  They love to be physical and they love to win — and we soooo love to watch because we feel like we are right there in the ring with them – the close ups are spectacular.  If you don’t like this one, you better check your pulse — you may be dead !!!!!!