Ariel X vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Ring Catfight Match

DT-1581HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 488 MB


Skylar Rene and Ariel X emerge from the changing room walking shoulder to shoulder, stern faced and ready for war. They enter the ring at the same time and face off at the center. The intensity is palpable as they chest bump and smash their foreheads together. Skylar wears a black one piece bikini, while Ariel wears a red one piece bikini. Their stong butts look outstanding in these tight one piece athletic suits. Skylar and Ariel compare the size of their biceps, hands, and thighs. Skylar may be a good deal taller than Ariel, but Ariel is obviously very strong. Ariel and Skylar begin their fight with one handed tests of strength. They switch hands and give it their everything, nearly breaking each other’s fingers in doing so. Once the girls have burned out their hands in one handed tests of strength, they switch to regular two handed tests of strength. Ariel and Skylar push and pull one another around the ring, arching their backs and flexing their wrists to their breaking points. Ariel bends Skylar back over the top rope and almost sends her flying out of the ring. This is easily one of the most intense tests of strength we have ever seen in the DT ring; it takes up the majority of the video. Who will win this epic test of strength match? You will have to watch to find out!