Erika Jordan vs. Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Domination Match

DT-1584HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 496 MB


This match is a continuation of an earlier fight between Ariel X and Erika Jordan. This video begins with both women, completely nude on a bed wrestling. They are covered in cuts and bruises from their earlier attacks. Ariel is mounted on Erika when we join the girls midway through the fight. She holds Erika’s hands down and insults her captive. However, somehow Erika manages to free one of her hands and claws at Ariel’s already scarred face. Ariel screams in pain as she falls onto her side. Erika climbs on top of Ariel and begins to breast smother the still quivering woman. A combination of Erika bouncing and breast smothering leads to Ariel passing out cold. Erika laughs and decides she will rub her crotch on her unconscious foe’s face, “like sandpaper.” However, before she can drop her pretty kitty on Ariel’s face, Ariel wakes up and bites down hard on Erika’s crotch. They writhe and buck like animals caught in a mortal struggle until they end up in a sixty-nine position, each one biting down on her enemy’s crotch. This completely nude, knock down, drag out catfight is one for the ages. We hope you enjoy two of our very best girls being extremely cruel to each other.