Stacy Burke vs Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sex Contest

SF-050HD  / Time: 45 Minutes / Size: 1.06GB


Sexy, wet, wet, wetter, wettest — that’s what we have when Stacy Burke challenges Christina Carter to a sex contest. Yes, Stacy wants her lover Christine Dupre back from Christina and who ever wins this sex challenge gets her. They meet topless in their white panties and soon their mouths are open and kissing with wet tongues protruding, so wet the juices drip from mouths to chin, to breasts. Then Christina takes control and turns her smaller rival around as from behind she reaches around to rub her firm breasts and control the wet kissing from behind. Then Stacy takes her turn from behind, she sinks her fingers deep into those fleshy tits, reaches her hands into those white panties as she sinks her tongue deep into Christina’s mouth – the saliva runs down both of them now. To the couch they drop as again each takes her turn in control dropping her tits on open wet mouths as they suck and lick firm nipples, then more wet controlled kissing. Then to the floor for some wet tummy licking and then to the 69 as they lick those now very wet panties, each lady is so turned on now that what comes next is so wild — seems mommy likes some hard slaps to the face so over and over one takes these head shaking slaps, more slaps then body worship with a dripping wet tongue. Mommy likes it wet, wet, wetter and wettest !!!!!!