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Match 1 -This match features the fiery redhead Kendra James and the smokin’ hot Monica Foster. These two girls go at it in one of the dirtiest wrestling matches in DT history. Monica’s water is drugged at the start of the match. So while she is bent over in utter agony, Kendra brutally chokes and beats her. Since Kendra has the upper hand, she takes the opportunity to talk some major crap. Monica is knocked out with multiple choke holds and smothers. When she awakens, Monica finds herself being hand cuffed to the corner with her arms behind her back. Will Monica escape and take her revenge on Kendra, or will Kendra keep Monica as her play-thing? Well if you really want to see what happens in this humiliation wrestling match then you’ll just have to purchase the video.

Match 2 – This exhibition match has two DT veterans going at it in a playful catfight. Tylene Buck and Stacy Burke are friends, but that doesn’t stop them from inflicting butt-loads of pain upon each other. They bite, pull hair, and lock in some nasty full nelsons. However, they continue making jokes and talk rather incessantly throughout the match. The breasts get pulled out rather early, and much play and torture is derived from these perfect fun bags. There is almost a cartoon-ish tone to the mannerisms and dialogue of the match. The energetic and silly fighting is almost as awesome as the beautiful girls doing the fighting. This is a very unique and playful match between two of DT’s best.

Match 3Samantha Ryan and Star-9 are all primed and ready to start fighting. These young cuties are obviously newbies to DT. There is some extra pleasure in watching new girls getting broken in, especially by the world’s premier female wrestling company.. The fighting is frenzied and furious. One can notice that the girl’s are easily flustered or confused. and neither girl seems to really take control. Instead they spend massive amounts of energy trying to grab at each other’s arms to pin one another down. Get ready for scissors galore as these two small-framed DT newcomers wrestle each other like one imagines teenage girls would. With their natural breasts and tight tummies flushed with young rushing blood, one is reminded of the intrinsic bestial beauty in human competition and wrestling


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