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Match 1JC Marie is minding her own business when Diana Knight attacks her with chloroform, knocking her out. When she wakes up, she is in the ring and the fight is on. Will the painfully beautiful and sweet, JC be able to overcome the odds and defeat the ruthless Diana? This awesome match really shows off the curvy goodness that both JC and Diana have to offer. Expect some intense bear hugs, breast mauling, and chokes. Any true DT fan will love this classic match that features two of DT’s most recognized faces. So pick a side and cheer until you lose your voice because this is a good one.

Match 2 -My breasts are bigger and stronger than yours — oh no they are not!! Only one way to find out – yes Venus Delight and Jewell Marceau are going to have a down and dirty tit fight. Venus’ husband set it up and Jewell is more than ready to prove her bust has more bust than this mouthy blond bombshell – mouthy is something they both have a lot of. They start out in robes, each feels the others assets sizing up the competition and little by little the stoking turns to grabbing then clawing and downright molesting. Both of these ladies posses beautiful mounds of soft flesh, enough to really sink your fingers in and oh do they – they sink and squeeze on their knees, on the couch, over the end of the couch, from behind, on the floor and smashed hard against the wall. They kneed, pull and twist till their poor mammaries can take no more – it’s a tit fight to the bitter end, that would be the nipple!!!

Match 3 -Bob wants another fight, yes he wants to see if his favorite Christina Carter can beat the beautiful Ariella Ferrera. They are both eager to get it on but first they have to change and lotion up, and we get to watch and listen as they prepare to got at it. Dressed in swank dresses and heels they meet in the living room and after some trash talking they go at it – oh do they go at it , heels and sexy dresses make for one hot beginning, eventually both dresses are ripped off and they are down to the bare necessities. Their beautiful naked bodies collide as they strive to destroy their foe, both have luscious breasts that soon become targets of torment, scissors are also employed as they wrap their lean legs around waist and head. But the true devastation is waged with some suffocating face sits. Ariella’s sensuous bronze skin contrasts well with Christina’s milky membrane, they make it a joy to watch wild cats go at it to be Bob’s favorite — lucky Bob!!!


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