Erika Jordan vs. Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1574HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 511 MB


Ariel X is looking extremely muscular in her orange midriff top and jeans that are so tight that they look like they were painted on. She flexes her big biceps for the camera and smiles, knowing that she looks damn good. Her happiness is quickly ruined as she looks across the ring and sees Erika Jordan wearing almost the same outfit. Both women go bug-eyed and start yelling at each other. Ariel grabs Erika and throws her to the mat, straddling her like a wild mustang. Erika bucks Ariel off and puts her in a Boston crab. Ariel yelps for Erika to let her go, but when she does relent, Erika grabs a squirt bottle and soaks Ariel’s tits in water. The women start scratching and clawing at one another’s tops until the skin tight material rips apart and their beautiful breasts are left bare. The ladies must put on new tops before they can keep fighting, so they go to their respective corners and put on their new shirts. When Erika and Ariel turn around they find that they are once again wearing almost the exact same shirt, except this time red. Their anger is reinvigorated and they charge at each other again. The shirts get ripped off a couple more times before the end of the match and what an ending it is; both women are left incapacitated from exhaustion, topless, wearing nothing but jeans and leather boots. You are gonna love it.